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Membership Applications

Welcome to the IVTA. If you are a new or returning IVTA member please complete the appropriate forms found below.  Group Membership Request forms should be submit for clinics that wish to enroll multiple members of their clinic as IVTA Members.  This form can be used for all of the different levels of membership and only one form is required per member.  Once the group membership form has been completed a Paypal Invoice will be sent to the clinic for payment (group pricing discounts will be figured into this invoice at this time). At that time members listed on the group form will need to select the appropriate application here and complete it.

Membership Forms

Please select the appropriate form(s) that match your desired membership type.

Group Membership Request Form

Please use this form if your clinic or facility is registering and paying for one or more memberships. All membership types can be added to this form.  Group discounts will be applied when form is complete and a PayPal Invoice is sent.  Please have each member listed on this form also complete the appropriate membership form.

Active Member

Please use this form if you are an Active Member with IVTA.  An Active Member is a any Registered Veterinary Technician who resides in the state of Indiana. 

Associate Member Form

Please use this form if you are an Associate Member with IVTA. An Associate Member is any credentialed veterinary technician who lives outside of the state of Indiana but is practicing in the field.

Student Membership

Please use this form if you are a Student Member with IVTA. A Student Member is any student enrolled in an AVMA Accredited Veterinary Technology/Nursing Program in the state of Indiana

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